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The amount of traffic trekking through every home is much different. Little boys tend to drag in much more mud than moms do and a night and day difference to a home of an elderly couple. If your front door opens onto carpet vs. hard flood there is likely going to be much more damage to the carpet. Every situation is different and the professionals at Square One Restoration in Rupert are trained to see the problem areas and address them.

Our carpet-cleaning experts will spend the time necessary to treat any problems spots that they analyze when they walk through your home. Specially treating the more heavily soiled carpet will provide an even clean across the surface of the carpet.

The Difference

Square one restoration has high-end carpet cleaning equipment that can get the job done extremely well. Many people rent carpet cleaners at their local grocery stores or hardware stores here in Rupert to clean their carpet personally. While renting machines like a Rug Doctor do help clean your carpet, it is advised that you have a professional come in once a year to deep clean your carpet for you. The products we use and the industrial cleaning machine can clean your carpets much deeper than the at-home carpet cleaning machine you can rent or purchase. Dirt can become lodged deep into the surface of carpet. Commercial cleaning machines are able to draw out dirt that is deeper into the coils of the carpet.

We base our carpet cleaning on three goals: restore, lift, and remove. Square One Restoration strives to restore your carpet to its full potential after we are finished cleaning. We want to lift the dirt deep from within the carpet and make sure we are not only cleaning the top of the surface but also cleaning deep inside to protect your family from allergens that can be trapped inside the carpet. Finally, we want to leave your home knowing we removed all the stains that were previously left on your carpet.

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Our team is trained and ready to come and clean your carpets better than they have ever been cleaned before. If you are looking for someone to clean your carpets in Rupert, call Square One Restoration today!

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