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Mold Cleanup in Rupert

Rupert is located in a beautiful area with distinct seasons. With a range of seasonal weather comes an increase chance of mold growth. One of the main sources of mold growth is moisture. When moisture enters your home and is not properly cleaned up mold will likely grow and you will need mold removal.

Water is likely to enter your home through roof leaks and improperly sealed windows. Most people do not miss a flood when it enters their home because the water damaged areas are prevalent. The sudden surge of water into their home causes panic and the water almost always is cleaned up properly by either the homeowners or by a restoration company like Square One Restoration in Rupert Id. However, slow leaks are also very likely to start mold growth. The slower leaks that come in through a roof leak or an improper window seal will usually go unnoticed until the mold is discovered.

What to do when you find mold

If you have recently found mold inside of your home you need to call Square One to come and help you with mold removal. Mold can be very dangerous at times by filling your home with irritants and allergens. Once mold has started to grow it can fill an area in less than 48 hours. Calling the mold removal experts at Square One Restoration will guarantee that your home is properly inspected and that all traces of mold have been removed properly so it won’t happen again.

If mold spores are found inside of your walls Square One Restoration is trained and capable of containing all of the mold spores and removing them. Square One can also rebuild any walls that have to be removed, either fully or partially, after the mold is gone.

Square One Restoration is a full service business that can help you from start to finish when it seems as though disaster has struck. Rather than fretting over a newly incurred problem in your home, call Square One in Rupert Id to come and handle the problem for you.

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