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Fire Restoration Services in Magic Valley

Fires, as awful and dangerous as they are, happen all the time, even in the Magic Valley area. After a building fire, we provide you the necessary services that can restore not only your homes, but your peace of mind. Our fire & smoke restoration team in Magic valley can make sure your building is restored to its proper frame as we assess and create workable plans for dealing with the complexity of the restoration. Because fires often compromise the structural integrity of a home, we make sure to take the utmost care in delivering fast smoke and odor removal services as well as replace other structures that have been claimed by fire.

It is important to not wait long to call us after a fire, as time can actually aid in increased damages to your home, making your restoration costs potentially much steeper. The aftermath of fires includes neutralization, corrosion control, and delayed cleaning, all of which can be eliminated if we can get in and stare cleaning as soon as possible.

Restoration Step by Step

We make sure to follow the appropriate steps when restoring your home. The first is to clean up as much of the area as possible, including removing burned items and excavating any compromised structures. Second, we will clean any water or flood damage that firefighters may have used to extinguished the house fire or if any pipes burst while the building was on fire. We then clean salvageable ceilings and floors to remove smoke and make sure surviving upholstery is appropriately treated.  After these are taken care of, we will help clean and restore the cosmetics of the house that may have been damaged or destroyed in the fire.

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