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Fire Restoration in Twin Falls

We hope that no one’s building catches on fire, but we are here to help repair the damage if it does happen. Our Twin Falls fire & smoke restoration team will return your commercial or residential property to its pre-fire condition. Fire restorations can be difficult and involved projects, which is why we provide proper smoke and odor removal services.

Make sure not to wait long after a fire, as damages can increase, escalating your restoration costs. The longer you wait, the more time neutralization, corrosion control, and cleaning is delayed, which extends the effects brought on by the fire and smoke exposure.

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We start by cleaning up as much of the existing area as possible. We clean any water or flood damage used to extinguish the fire, and move on to cleaning salvageable ceilings and floors. We move on to any extensive repairs, such as compromised electrical or any structural/foundational deficiencies that need to be made. After these are taken care of, we will help clean and restore the cosmetics of the rest of the building to make sure everything is up to your standard.

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