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Fire Restoration in Rupert

While we would never wish a fire on anyone, fires happen and then you have to take action on the damages. Whether the fire is in a residential or commercial property our Rupert restoration team is ready to go to work restoring the property. Fires cause multiple different types of damage including immense odors. It is very importantly to act quickly on the property to start removing smoke and odors from the property. Our specialized technicians are certified and will help you on your way to recovering your property.

As mentioned, it is important to act quickly after a fire. Fire damages increase as time goes by. The longer the property sits the higher the cost will be for our team in Rupert to come in and restore the property.

It Starts with Cleanup

We have a system that we follow when we get to the property. We begin by cleaning up as much debris as we can from the existing property. Once we have the debris cleaned up we start to clean any water or flood damage that may have occurred when the fire was being extinguished. We then want to start removing the smoke from any of the furniture that survived the fire. We also look to see what ceilings can be saved as well as which floors can remain. Once we have these things addressed we move into the more complex problems. We start checking for electrical and structural damages that may have occurred. Finally, we restore all of the cosmetics of the property to make it yours again.

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