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Magic Valley Flood Damage Restoration

Water damage is a particular threat to homes and businesses throughout Magic Valley. Cold weather can cause frozen pipes to burst while to bad irrigation can saturate land and destroy foundation work of buildings. Moisture has the potential to seep into structural weaknesses, creating the potential for greater damage as the water expands or erodes away at the concrete. Even though water damage and flooding can be devastating, we have sophisticated water devices and meters than can detect water penetration points. By finding where floods and moisture leaks originate, we have the potential of stopping further damage, as untreated leaks can lead to other problems, such as mold, odors, or stagnant waters which trap disease.

Our flood and water removal team in Magic Valley does more than just remove excess water. We have the experience and and newest technology to completely dry a property that has been damaged by excessive water and erosion and restore it to pre-damage conditions. We go the extra mile by making sure we fix the source of the problem so damage won’t continue over time.

Flood Recovery

There are several things that we check for and can restore after a home or business in Magic Valley has become subject to flood or other types of water damage. We can replace lumber structures which have wood rot caused by water, restore warped or distorted floorboards, and repairing foundation erosion. We will replace any insulation, electrical wiring, and sheetrock if the integrity of your walls or electrical system has also been compromised. Even if you are not sure what needs to be renovated or restored after water damage claims parts of your home, we are trained to identify damaged areas to give you estimates about overall repair costs.

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